Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HQ Trip

This past week has been completely amazing. It started picking up Merlene #1166 from the airport Tuesday. Merlene was my roommate from Orlando and we had such a good time then that we planned for her to fly in and stay with me for the Warehouse sale. Merlene, my daughter Winter (#4785) and I had so much to do on Tuesday night. Making orange and green cookies, packing bags, packing the van, (and chatting up a storm) we didn't get to bed till after midnight.

After being up so late, Wednesday morning came early, finishing up a few last minute things (like the rest of the green cookies) as well as the rest of the van loading took awhile but eventually we were on the road. The first stop on our trip was to drop off my dog at my sister's house. Then it was on to my mom's place to drop off three kids (I have a great mom!) Kimberlee #2494 lives in the same neighborhood as mom so we ran to pick her up and then we were on our way!

Traffic was surprisingly good and were making great time. Granted the trip was a bit long so we started calling various Fiskateers that we happened to have phone numbers for. Kimberlee even looked up the phone number to FOY Maxine's store The Scrapbook Page" that conversation was a hoot! "Hello Scrapbook Page" " Is Maxine there? " "This is" "I hear you have a giant pair of scissors for sale?" "What?" " I hear you have a giant pair of scissors for sale?...How much?" " Who is this? QUIT CALLING ME!" as we erupted into gales of laughter and told her who it was....

Once in Wisconsin, we had to stop for CHEESE! (and a bathroom break, and gas for the

van...LOL) We stopped at the "Cheese and Wine Chalet" to sample some wonderful cheese (chocolate cheese anyone? tastes like fudge!) and Merlene loved the shaped cheese! (We found out that she was a PACKERS fan which didn't sit well with a van full of Bears fans!)

Back on the road our next stop was Fiskars Headquarters! Maya #351 and her son Eli met us at HQ to take a VIF (Very Important Fiskateer) tour of the building. Our very own Legend Stephenie #003 was there to meet us. She escorted us into the meeting room and were we met Jay (VP of Marketing.) Jay talked to us about how much they love the Fiskateers, and wanted to get to know us a bit. He shared with us some of what was happening around the office (like the upcoming meeting with all of the big wigs from Fiskars Finland) as well as presented us all with wonderful gifts!

Jay had to leave for a meeting but Stephenie walked us around the building. Remember my secret tag project? I asked on the message board if Fiskateers would help me make tags. As we walked around the building Winter gave the employees orange and green homemade cookie packages with orange and green tags made by the Fiskateers, the tags read "Fiskateers love Fiskars." We wanted to show Fiskars how much we appreciate all they do for us. I can tell you the feeling was mutual. The employees were wearing orange

and had smiles and hugs for us. You can tell they really appreciate us!

One of the first stops was the tool room. Rows upon rows of punches, templates and tools. Plus a HUGE table. It was a crafters dream room! We got to see "Fiskars Village" USA (aka the lunch room) and then Stephenie introduced us to the tech guys. (I had to meet C.J. since he was so helpful when I couldn't logon to the message board!) A quick trip down the hall of the big guns, had us meeting with the President of Fiskars (who even got off the phone to meet us!)

Then we met with the wonderful Fiskaneers who all had numerous questions for us on the projects they were working on. We were shown the ______________ and the _____________ oh and then in the hall we saw the _____________ plus there was the _______________. (Sorry we were sworn to secrecy. No photos, no talking, no nothin'!) It was so exciting to see what products were being developed. Not to mention get a glimpse of the creative process behind those products we love. I was really overwhelmed as to how much they listened to us. They have said it before but I guess seeing it in action made it really sink in, they are serious about our opinions, concerns and suggestions (and were even taking notes :)) Fiskars listens to what we have to say and tries to take those things into account when they design and develop new products (and improvements to existing ones!)

As much as we enjoyed talking to the Fiskaneers we had to leave because there was more to see! We stopped by customer service/warranty to visit with Nikki(#2963) and Jan they are the ones that oversee the live chat when you have questions and answer all of the warranty issue emails and letters (which they lovingly refer to as "fan mail"...LOL) and then in the hall way I spotted them...GIANT Fiskars scissors! Steph

said "you want to get your picture taken with them?" (Like YEAH!!!) After checking the supply closet she came out with the scissors!

We had a blast posing and even Eli got into the action. Maya is raising him right because that kid knows his scissors! Eli was heartbroken when it was time to take the scissors away because he was having a great time and we had to pry his hands off the scissors! Poor Maya had to console her tearful son, heartbroken at having "his" scissors taken away from him!

All too soon it was time to gather our belongings go. Handing our badges in we paused for a few more pictures and hugs and last goodbyes. We all left with full hearts. Fiskateers means so much to us and we wanted to thank Fiskars for giving us the outlet of Fiskateers. Instead we got treated like royalty and shown how much WE were cherished by them. It was a pretty amazing afternoon!


  1. Great pics Betsy & a wonderful story! I'm sure all who were there really enjoyed the tour and gifts!

  2. It was such a memorable experience for me. I feel so fortunate to have been included. FUN was the key word here. Stephenie, Jay and everyone at Fiskars Headquarters made us feel so welcome, and special! TFS my friend.

  3. So much fun .. wish I could have gone