Friday, June 25, 2010

A hunting we will go

I've been having some fun with Fiskateers over at with a scavenger hunt swap. There was a catch to this swap. All items from the list had to be from their stash. NO PURCHASING ANYTHING. Participants were given the date and time the list would be posted and then they had to find the items on the list and get them to me as fast as possible. Points were awarded, prizes selected and winners named.

The swap was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone that participated!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cards for a Cause!

So a dear friend of mine is going to Thailand this summer to teach English. While she was telling me about her trip she mentioned that she loves having ways to share American customs and such with her class and also loves ways to connect with her students. This comment got the wheels in my head turning.
So I asked some of my friends and fellow Fiskateers to help me make cards. The response was overwhelming!!! We were able to send her off to Thailand with over 100 cards for all occassions; birthday, just because, major holidays and more. I also included a card making kit to make even MORE cards! The card making kit contained some "mini" acrylic stamp sets and 1" pads some acrylic blocks, and fiskars scissors. I also included pre-cut cardforms and envelopes, plus a box to hold everything and a case for the stamps. All she needs will be adhesive!
The cards will be used to send notes of congratulations, birthday wishes and more to some of the over 1000 students she has a chance to work with this summer! She also has plans to invite students to make their own cards!

It's pretty exciting to be able to share your love of crafting with people from another country (and have your work travel there!)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cricut Series!

Hi everyone I know there has been "a clammoring" for Cricut 301 BUT I decided to go another direction.

301 classes will instead be Cricut project classes and we will focus on learning a technique with our bug (Fabric cutting, etching, etc. ) These elements will be taken out of the 201 class (basically due to time constraints and replaced with a layering project.

Let Annette or I know what you would like to see.