Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well it's official!

So I'm a new writer for Scrapbook Update. Nancy Nally did a wonderful write-up of me HERE! I've done a couple of freelance pieces for her (360th bday party for Fiskars, and the "swag" article" last summer.) My official "beat" will be direct sales and the die cut market (both electronic and manual) in addition I'll get to run some fun pieces as the topics come up.

The support from the crafting community and family and friends has been amazing!
The wonderful comments I have been getting from the readers, and my fiskateer friends and friends and family on facebook is totally overwhemling. It's amazing to have so much support when you start something new. I'm excited for this opportunity and to see where it will take me

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wonder what I've been up to?

The holiday's are normally busy for everyone seems to be especially busy for crafters that have this NEED to personalize gifts, decorations, cards with their own two hands. This year for me was no different.

This year in addition to the typical crazy busy of life before the holidays I took on not one but TWO kids Christmas workshops.

For the first one I taught a class at Potter's Hand homeschool group. We are new members to the group and the kids and I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute of the program. Each December, they have a Christmas workshop. The older kids go off and make more intricate things, the younger kids have a class and rotate projects. This year they also rotated to "my" class where they learned about glass etching and etched their own ornaments. By the end of my hour and 45 minutes I had seen about 120 kids go through my area. (Yes I etched, and also did a negative image card with the remainder of the stencil with 120 kids) You will all have to take my word for it because I was so busy I didn't get a single picture of it!

The 2nd workshop was at my church. This was our first year for it. Normally during December I try to take a couple of weeks to let the kids make presents during kids church in addition to Christmas lessons. This year we were still working on finishing up curriculum so I didn't have the chance.

So we spent the entire day making candle screens, and tin can snowmen and covered notepads, candle trays and gingerbread houses (out of foam.) Ooh and can't forget a couple of types of ornaments and we even made and bagged peppermint cocoa with tiny marshmallows! After lunch we even spent time wrapping and making cards! I think the kids went home with 8 different presents for family and friends!

Miss Margaret helping to make
covered notepads

Emily with her "Snow Can"

Calorie free gingerbread houses!
Painting ornaments!

It's safe to say we had a BLAST, teachers and kids all enjoyed themselves (the teachers even had a chance to make a couple of things!) Something we will definitely do again!

It's getting "Swarm" in here

Looking for a chance to use your Cricut and learn more about it. Join me for a Cricut Swarm at Helmar Lutheran Church February 16th and 1pm. Email me for pricing and more information.